Sins of the New Millennium began in Mexico City. As I sat idle to friends who were then proceeding with an exhibition based on the seven deadly sins, I began musing:  

  • How to salvage the word 'sin' as a way of naming wrongfulness?
  • How to realign the association of sin with 'feeling states,' to those of behavior and acts of transgression?
  • What would I name as sin?

Scrawling a late night list into my journal, I revisited my thoughts, list and arguments over the following year. When approached by the curators of the then forthcoming exhibit at the World Bank, in honor of the UN's Conference on Women in Bejing, I had only the list. My proposal accepted, the booth structure appeared in a drawing. It's successful hybridity coming after. A hybrid structure the booth brings together the personal agency of the confessional (accountability) and that of the voting booth (political expression), inviting viewers to enter, leave a message of their choosing and take communion.